Our clients are described by a combination of ....
  • Small to medium size company
  • Any industry
  • Privately held and often multi-generation, family-owned
  • For profit or non-profit
  • Track record of success
  • Success is harder because what got us here isn't working anymore
  • Change is anticipated and we want to be ready

Their leaders can be overheard saying things like this ....

"Our growth has caused us to add people, layers, and complexity to the organization and we don't have the structure to help us scale effectively."

"We haven't had much of a need to plan in the past. The organization looks to me to make all of the decisions. But now I can no longer touch it all so we have to find new ways to make sure the whole team is rowing in the same direction."

"Our organization has outgrown the leadership team and I want to make sure I have employees in roles where they can thrive. And that includes me!"

"The demands on me have taken a toll on my health and my relationships. I need to figure out how to share the load."

"I'm thinking about my transition out of the company's leadership role and I realize how unprepared the organization is for that change."